Sorry I haven’t been posting much. I miss being on here but I love being a mom more.
I’ll hopefully be back on more once the NHL season starts back up again. I’m always posting on Twitter so follow me there for now lol.

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She had the sightless eyes telling me no lies, knocking me out with those American thighs. 🎶 #ootd #selfie #acdc #youshookmeallnightlong
👅 #kiss
Wyatt’s first 4th of July. ✨🌞

Anonymous said: AWWWWWW! YOUR BABY IS SOOO CUTE!!! congrats!!!! btw, have you see this video: "Kronwall visar Stanley Cup"? it's adorable!! <3333

Thank you sooo much!! & I don’t think I have. You’ll have to send me the link (:

Anonymous said: so yeah he was an accident then good job

It’s so cute that you have nothing better to do than try and bother me. (:

What&#8217;s Wyatt need a shirt for? #est4life @machinegunkelly #laceup

gottafallbeforeyoufly 😘

I got 99 problems but you won&#8217;t be one. ✌

Anonymous said: god damn that's an ugly baby...

My son is quite handsome. Sorry you have an ugly heart and have nothing better to do than sit behind the Internet and shit talk about an infant child.